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Problems with emacspeak

Hi folks,

Occasionally emacspeak starts up, speaks part or all of the startup message
and then dies.  Once before when this happened, my site had installed a new
version of emacs.  I placed the directory of the old version of emacs
(19.34) in my path and all was well.  This time it doesn't work.  I know
that the comport is writable since the first thing that my emacspeak.sh
script does is set the writable permission by running /etc/init.d/ttya (ttya
is com1 on the sun sparc workstation.)  

I am currently using emacspeak 7.0, guess it's a good time to upgrade since
things can't get much worse.  Sould I use emacs 20.3?  I remember something
about FSF emacs being preferable to XEmacs, is the best place to get this
off the OFS site?    

Mo McCleary
GE Harris Railway Electronics, LLC
PO Box 8900, Melbourne, FL 32902-8900
407 242-4025, Fax 407 242-4169

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