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Re: ring.au

Hello all,

When I did 'cat ring.au > /dev/audio', as Emacspeak's play script does, it
sounded fine on my system.  It sounded exactly as it did when i played it
through sox.  I am using kernel version 2.0.34 with a Sound
Blaster-compatible audio card.  Jim, I am guessing that the problem you
and others are having with Emacspeak's play script and the ring.au file is
due to a change in the sound system in the 2.1.x kernels.  However, I have
not used one of these kernels, so I don't know.  Raman, what version of
the kernel are you using?

Anyone who has sox can fix this problem by adding a header to the ring.au
file.  Add these commands:

mv ring.au ring.ul
sox ring.ul ring.au
rm ring.ul

I hope this helps,

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