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Re: Linux distributions

   Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 19:12:50 -0600 (EST)
   Resent-from: emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu
   From: Matthew Campbell <mattcamp@feist.com>
   Resent-sender: emacspeak-request@cs.vassar.edu
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   To the people who responded to my last message, thanks, but you missed the
   point of what I was asking.  I wanted to know if anyone had tried the
   menu-based front-ends to the packaging tools in Debian or Slackware
   (specifically, "dselect" or "pkgtool") under Emacspeak, and what the
   result was.  I realize that the rest of the things you would consider when
   choosing a distribution don't change when you add Emacspeak, and are
   therefore irrelevant to this list.  I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear.

I have gotten dselect to work well with Emacspeak. Basically, what I
did was to log into a console (X uses different keybindings and, while
I'm sure it's possible to do this from within X, I'm too lazy and just
use a console. :) Then, from within an M-x term buffer, 'setenv TERM
vt100' (or export with Bash) and run dselect. The up and down arrows
didn't work for me, but I was able to use C-n and C-p quite nicely,
with the highlighted selection spoken.

Of course, with Debian, apt is much nicer. It allows you to install
and upgrade packages from the command line. While it isn't as useful
for installing standard packages once a base system is up, you can
easily use dselect to install a standard distribution, and use apt-get
to track security updates, upgrade between distributions, etc.

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