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Good Resources

This is not emacspeak specific, but I thought a few emacspeak users
may benefit from this, especially those users who have just started
using emacs mainly because it provides the best speech supported
environment available and who are not familiar with the linux/unix way
of doing things.  

The O'Reilly and Associates publishers have a GREAT support program
for blind users and will provide their books in electronic format once
you provide them with proof of your disability. In addition, they are
releasing a number of their computer related titles on CD in HTML
format which works really well in combination with emacspeak and
w3. They recently released the unix bookshelf CD which includes 6
books (unix power tools, learning the unix operating system, sed &
awk, unix in a nutshell, learning the vi editor, and learning the korn shell)
Early next month they are releasing the Networking CD bookshelf plus
they already have CDs on Java and one containing Perl Programming,
HTML, CGI, javascript and web server admin. 

The contact at O'Reilly for getting books in electronic format is
Lenny Muller (e-mail len@oreilly.com). They have a really great
attitude towards providing their material in electronic format and
believe all publishers should do the same. They do require that you
attempt to find their titles on tape and in other formats where
possible, but I found very few (only 1) computer related title
available on audio tape. Anyway, I highly recommend contacting them if
you are finding it hard to locate information in an easily accessible
format and on the whole, I've found the O'Reilly books to be some of
the best quality computing titles around. 

I suppose I should mention I have nothing to do with the publishers
and have nothing to gain from this shameless plug except that if there
is more demand for books in electronic formats there will probably be
more made available.


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