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Re: Installing probs

You actually do have everything you need - either on the RH disks or
already installed. I'm running emacspeak 9.0 on a stock standard RH
5.2 system. All I needed was the emacspeak package which I installed
from the sources and compiled with emacs 20.3 (the one that comes with RH).

It is true that emacspeak needs extended tcl (often referred to as
tclx). However, the extended tcl interpreter is actually called tcl
(the normal "standard" tcl is tclsh). You need the package
tclx-8.0.3-20 which is definately on the RH 5.2 (and 5.1) cd. If its
not on your CD then you probably have a crappy cheap RH copy which
does not have all the packages. 

Did you go through the tests that Raman recommends in the emacspeak
makefile? Were you able to get your synthesizer to speak using
the dtk-exp (or dtk-mv depending on what you have) command? If this
does'nt work, then your problem is likely hardware related (bad serial
cable, port or stty settings). If this works and emacspeak still fails
to work, check the environment variables to make sure you have them
set and exported correctly. Also, check that you have write
permissions to the serial port - on RH systems, normal users usually
don't have this permission. You normally get the speaker not present
warning when tcl cannot write to the synthesizer. This can be due to
bad cableing, serial cards, port setting or access permissions on /dev/ttySX
On my system (private system where I'm the only user who
logs in, I changed the group ownership of /dev/ttyS0 to users which
all login accounts on this system are members of). The default
configuration under RH gives write access to ttySX to root only. 

How are you starting emacspeak? Are you starting it via a script, via
an .emacs init file or via options on the command line?

I've installed emacs and emacspeak on about 7 different machines
running linux (Redhat 4.1, 4.2, 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2) and apart from
problems with a broken emacs rpm with 5.0 (or was it 5.1 - can't
remember now), everything has worked flawlessly everytime, so we
should be able to get it working for you. I've not used the rpm as I
prefer to install "extra" packages into my /usr/local tree because it
makes upgrades and backups easier. 

Whistler writes:
> Ok Ihave now tryed botht he Noarch and the src rpm packages.  On the
> noarch it seems to install in fact I can even type emacspeak and run up
> emacs now the problem is it says speaker not present I have the
> environment set up correctly so I was a t a loss to why it wouldn't work.
> So since I was already frustrated I went and got the src.rpm for 9.0 as
> someone had told me it requires tclx .  I don't have it installed so I
> went to my redhat disks to find it.  No luck there was no package witht he
> name tclx* anything.  So where do I go now?
> Ken /whsitler
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