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Re: Working

>that I have it working however I have a question.  Back when I used
>emacspeak in version 5.0 I could use control-x c to exit from emacs right
>now when I run emacspeak it will not let me use control-x to exit from
>emacs.  I do know you can use control-e<esc  control-k to exit from emacs
>but I am wondering are you supposed to be able to use control - x or not?

This is one of the problems that others (including myself) have had with
the no-x version of emacs -- trust me, you will be better off with the x

-- Jim

James A. Rebman

Technology - Enhanced Learning Laboratory
University of Colorado, Boulder
College of Engineering and Applied Science


"Don't worry... Be happy!"  - Bobby McPherrin

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