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Eterm-related bug


Well, I don't think all of Emacspeak's circuits are functioning perfectly,
as it says in the opening message. <smile>  I found a bug that only occurs
when Emacspeak is running, though which package it is in I don't know.  I am
using the Debian prepackaged version of Emacspeak 9.0, in combination with
Emacs 20.3.  I start Emacspeak, then do M-x term to enter eterm.  As soon as
I enter eterm, I switch to line mode by doing C-c C-j.  Then I type in a
command, such as 'fetchmail' to check my email.  The cursor stays on the
line where I entered my command (instead of going to the next line), and
Emacspeak doesn't speak the output of the command, so I have to move the
cursor to the end of the buffer by hand.

BTW, if you want to know what speech server I'm using, I'm using the speech
server for MBROLA.  No, I'm not blind; I am learning how to use Emacspeak so
I can help a friend.


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