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Mbrola-server for Emacspeak available as RPM package.

Mbrola server is now available as RPM package. This makes it much
easier to install Emacspeak using software synthesizer support.
If your Linux system supports RPM packages, then installing the files is
one simple command 'rpm -i <your_package_name>' and you are ready to go. 

I'm running Emacspeak and Mbrola server on my 486DX100 which works but 
seems to be the lower usablility limit concerning CPU power :). 

If your Linux installation can handle RPM packages you can download from
the Blinux file archive these files. All packages should install at the
right places and interact with each other smoothly:
1) The Emacspeak package:
2) The Mbrola Synthesizer binary:
3) The English Mbrola voice file en1:
4) The Mbrola Server which redirects Emacspeak output to Mbrola:

If you cannot handle RPM packages you'll download the corresponding tar
archives. You'll have to take care that files go to the right places:
1) The Emacspeak package as gzipped tar archive which has to be compiled: 
2) The Mbrola Synthesizer binary:
3) The English Mbrola voice file en1: 
4) The Mbrola Server which redirects Emacspeak output to Mbrola:


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