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We did it!

Hi all,

I am thrilled to report that with the help of my friend Matt Campbell, and
the wonderful fluidity of Linux, which allows distance help, I am now up
and running with Emacspeak.  Please, folks, indulge a newbie.  How do I get
help for Emacspeak?  I want to do a couple of things.  I want to turn off
punctuation in some applications.  right now, it's driving me nuts!  I
guess what I need is the command to access the help file.

I *love* the sounds you get!  I love them!  They're so helpful!  I have
found that the alt key doesn't work in my system so I have to use esc-x.
This is fine.

I also discovered that while using Tinyfugue, a MOO client, something I
need for my work, I can not use the tab key.  When I press it, it should
move me to the next screen.  It doesn't.  It just says, "completing
filename".  I dunnow what file name it's completing, but it's workin'
awfully hard at it.  

Please answer me privately, as I don't want to tie up this list with
questions from a rank newbie.  thanks in advance.

Ann P.

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