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archive update

Hi folks, 

Just a quick note from me while wearing my "list administrator" hat.

I am in the process of culling out the 1998 mail from the list and
putting it is its own archive.  So there will be an archive for
pre-1998, 1998 and 1999.  This time I am taking the time to make the
code reusable.

This will culminate with rerunning the search engine so it knows where
all the messages are.  I should get the chance to finish that
tomorrow, Friday at the latest.

I am closing down my attempt at archiving additonal files for emacspeak
as that seems to be being handled by the blinux site.

I am sorry that I have been absent from many of the intersting
discussions on the list over the past year, it has been a very bussy
year for me and I guess I have figured I would "catch-up" on my back
mail one of these days...

Anyway, if you use the search engine on the emacspeak mailing list
archive over the next day or two it might give incorrect results while
files are being moved around - it will be all set again Friday.



 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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