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emacspeak-ss-1.0: Speech servers for emacspeak

I have uploaded to the blinux ftp site:

	emacspeak-ss-1.0.tar.gz     46085 bytes

New with this version:

The SS package now includes speech servers for the Spanish ciber 232
and ciber 232 Plus synthesizers, and for the Spanish PC Hablado
notebook, contributed by Oscar Fernandez <OFA@once.es>.  Thanks!

Speech servers for other synthesizers are unchanged.

I reprint the package description from the README file below.

                            - Jim Van Zandt

emacspeak-ss - Emacspeak speech servers for several synthesizers


The Emacspeak by T. V. Raman <raman@adobe.com> or
<raman@cs.cornell.edu> software package provides speech output for
Emacs, and includes "speech servers" for the DECtalk speech
synthesizers.  This package provides servers for several additional
	DoubleTalk PC and AT from R. C. Systems <http://www.rcsys.com/>
	Braille 'n Speak, Type 'n Speak, and Braille Lite from Blazie
Engineering <http://www.blazie.com>
	Accent SA
	Apollo 2, JUNO, and JUNO-sp from Dolphin.
	Spanish ciber 232
	Spanish ciber 232 Plus
	Spanish PC Hablado notebook

The servers are named "doubletalk", "braillenspeak", "accent",
"apollo", "ciber", and "hablado" respectively.  None of these programs
are normally run by the user directly.  Instead, they are run by
Emacs.  That is: Emacs runs the emacspeak code, which executes tcl,
which interprets the server code.


T. V. Raman wrote the interface between his Emacspeak and the DECtalk
in TCL.  I have adapted it for the DoubleTalk, LiteTalk, and Braille
'n Speak synthesizers.  Jack Chen <jackchen@thera.pa.dec.com> has
adapted it for the Accent.  Oscar Fernández Arcis <OFA@once.es>
adapted it for the ciber and PC Hablado devices.

T. V. Raman bears no responsibility for this code.  Questions,
problems, or suggestions should be sent to the server author (Jack,
Oscar, or me), not him.

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