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New release of RMOO, a speech-enabled MOO client

I have completed my second unofficial release of RMOO, a MOO client for
Emacs, based on the original version by Ron Tapia. The reason I am
announcing this release on the Emacspeak list is that my primary addition to
the RMOO package is support for Emacspeak.  In this second release, I
continue to improve Emacspeak support, and I have converted the
documentation to well-structured HTML.

The package can be found at:


If anyone is interested in trying out this program and seeing how well it
works with Emacspeak, come to GrassRoots MOO.  There you will be able to
talk with me and try out RMOO.  The site is health.acor.org, and the port is
8888.  I hope to see you there.

Matthew Campbell

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