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DoubleTalk LT Question

I've just been lucky enough to be given a very nice Dell Inspiron 7000
which I have just installed redhat linux 5.2 on (plus kernel
222). I've got emacs and emacspeak working with just one small

I'm running Jim's DoubleTalk driver (emacspeak-dt-tcl-1.2) which works
fine with one exception. I'm only getting a single voice (from memory,
when I ran this synthesizer with Jaws I had 9 different voices). In
addition to only getting a single voice, I also seem to be getting
extra characters in the doubletalk output. For example, If I have a
buffer with a shell script in it and I'm in shell-script mode and put
the cursor on a comment such as 

# This is a comment

It sounds like the doubletalk is saying

zero pound This is a comment zero

or something similar. Has anyone got any ideas what this could be? Is
this a limitation of the doubletalk or the doubletalk driver? I hope
not as the audio highlighting is definately one of my favorite
features of emacspeak. Could it have anything to do with serial port

I'm running emacs 20.3 and emacspeak 9.0 and have configured everyting
to be the same as it is on my main system which has a dectalk
express - the only difference is the synthesizer and kernel
versions. Could this be a problem with the different kernel and
somehting different in the serial interface? 


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