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It's a consequence of the split caps settings.
It ends up spelling out all caps words that are three
characters or less long.

And talking of giving you guys at the No Such Agency unpaid
Emacspeak support,
what happened to the speech server for NT that I helped you
guys put together and that you "promised" would be released
as open source because to quote your words "it's being built
with tax payer money"

The last I heard about it was the promise from you that it
would be released.

Note to Emacspeak users --
The NSA has a large number of Emacspeak users, and they had
a consultant write a Dectalk server in Java so they could
run Emacspeak on NT.

>>>>> "Gary" == Gary Day <grday@afterlife.ncsc.mil> writes:

    Gary> Raman, One of my users is complaining about a
    Gary> problem which I'm not certain is an Emacspeak or
    Gary> DECtalk firmware problem.  The problem is that
    Gary> when Emacspeak encounters a sentence that is all
    Gary> in capital letters, it spells every other word.
    Gary> For example:


    Gary> Is read "hello o u t there."

    Gary> Is that a DECtalk firmware problem?

    Gary> Thanks, --Gary

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