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Emacspeak LATEX

I have heard that emacs has some internal programs to deal with LATEX and
TEX is this true.  If so has anyone been able to take advantage of the
Box, Circle Oval, and other shape functions in designing charts with
emacs.  The reason I ask is I  have been looking for a way for a blind
person to make things like Enity Relationship Diagrams, Flow Charts, State
transition Diagrams, and other Process flow control diagrams.  There is a
program called AllClear that works ok for a blind user to make a flow
chart using an outlining method but it is 398 $ and only does flow charts.

I am probably going to end up learning LATEX and other things like Jade
and Gtif that allow you to textually represent graphics that will be
printed to a post script printer but I want to find out if someone has
already done any graphics style layouts with emacs and if so how.   A good
example of something I need to do is as follows.

I need thre boxes with text inside each all which have arrowed lines
pointing to a bubble with text in it.  Then from that bubble I need three
other bubbles that lead to 3 other boxes.  Of corse there could be
millions of configurations this is just an example.  Each box or bubble or
oval or traingle should be able to contain text.

Now if that isn't a chalange for this environment I don't know what is.  I
was hoping because of Ranmans Calander Example this shouldn't be to hard
to devize a method for doing this.

Ken /whistler

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