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Re: Java Formatting

---you wrote---
>>>>> "Bryan" == Bryan R Smart <bsmart@CS.cofc.EDU> writes:
>I have no idea what you mean by the following sentence in
>your message--

    Bryan> The import is only present to fill the space of
    Bryan> misc. imports that exist in other offending
    Bryan> regions of code.

I didn't want people to tell me that I didn't need to import java.io for that program to compile/run.

>I use the jde with the indenting being provided by the c++
>mode and have not seen this behavior.

I'm running the stock version of Emacs 20.3.1.  Did indent-region produce correctly formated code on your machine?  I'm assuming it did, but it was unclear from your response if you were referring to not having had seen this behavior in the past, or if you were specifically referring to the code I sent.


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