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Emacspeak At The Smithsonian Permanent Research Collection --


 For Immediate Release:

Raman nominated for Computerworld Smithsonian Award
Washington, D.C. (March 15, 1999)---

Raman's Emacspeak will become part of the Permanent Research Collection on           
 Information Technology at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American      
 History on Monday, April 12th when the 1999 Information Technology           
 Innovation Collection is formally presented to the Institution. "The         
 Laureates in this year's Collection are utilizing new information age tools  
 to extend the benefits of technology to society" said Dan Morrow, Executive  
 Director of the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Program. Nominated by ,     
 President of SAP America, Inc., in the Business & Related Services category, 
 Raman's work is part of a collection that includes over 470 of the year's    
 most innovative applications of technology from 42 states and 22             
 countries. At Raman, Fluent eyes-free access to daily computing tasks opens  
 the wealth of information on the Internet to visually impaired users. "The   
 primary source material submitted by Raman will enrich the National Museum   
 of American History's growing collection on the history of information       
 technology, and contribute significantly to the museum's on-going efforts to 
 chronicle the Information Age" said Spencer R. Crew, Director of the         
 National Museum of American History. The museum is part of the Smithsonian   
 Institution, founded in 1846, which is a complex of 16 museums, 7 research   
 facilities and the National Zoo. Case Studies from the 1999 Collection will  
 be available at http://innovate.si.edu, the official Internet Site of the    
 Computerworld Smithsonian Program, where the entire collection is available  
 to scholars, researchers and the general public worldwide. Each year, the    
 Computerworld Smithsonian Chairmen's Committee nominates individuals who use 
 information technology to improve society for inclusion in the Smithsonian's 
 National IT Innovation Collection. Founded in 1989, the Computerworld        
 Smithsonian Program searches for and recognizes individuals who have         
 demonstrated vision and leadership as they strive to use information         
 technology in innovative ways across ten categories: Business and Related    
 Services; Education and Academia; Environment, Energy and Agriculture;       
 Finance, Insurance and Real Estate; Government and Non-Profit Organizations; 
 Manufacturing; Media, Arts and Entertainment; Medicine; Science; and         
 Transportation. For further information please contact: Shahaeda             
 Abbas/Simone Ross Computerworld Smithsonian Awards 617.357.1977, Valeska     
 Hilbig/Melinda Machado National Museum of American History 202.357.3129      

Best Regards,

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      Advanced Technology Group     Fax: 1 408 537 4042 
      W14-128 345 Park Avenue     Email: raman@adobe.com 
      San Jose , CA 95110 -2704     Email:  raman@cs.cornell.edu
      http://labrador.corp.adobe.com/~raman/        (Adobe Intranet)
      http://cs.cornell.edu/home/raman/    (Cornell)
    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are my own and in no way should be taken
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