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Re: Changing auditory icons

There is just one possible problem with setting the environment
variable EMACSPEAK_PLAY_PROGRAM to use the "play" script from the sox
package rather than the one that comes with emacspeak. The play
program which comes with emacspeak checks to see if the sound file is
locatable and if not appends it to the path to the directory
containing the auditory icons (sound files). The play program which
comes with sox doesn't do this check. 

I sent a modified version of the emacspeak play script to this list a
week or so ago. The modification is a simple one in which the lines
from the emacspeak play program which cat the .au file to /dev/audio
are replaced by a call to sox (in fact, if you use sox, you don't need
the case statement anymore and can replace it with just a single call
to sox for both au and wav files). . I originally did this because there are
some sound cards which don't support the /dev/audio device and so
would not work with the standard play script from emacspeak. 

Matthew Campbell writes:
> Jim Van Zandt noticed a similar problem with .au files when using the play
> script which comes with emacspeak.  One way you may be able to solve this
> without converting sound files and changing auditory icon bindings is to
> install sox and adjust the EMACSPEAK_PLAY_PROGRAM variable to point to the
> play script that comes with sox.  Packages for sox are available for both
> the Debian and Red Hat Linux distributions.  The sox home page is at:
> http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/cbagwell/sox.html
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