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Re: emacs and emacspeak.

Dave -

It sounds like emacs is not finding the directory structure it
expects.  Did you install a Slackware emacs package, or compile from
source, or something else?  It might not be serious, if it found the
files it needed later in its search sequence.  I do not run Slackware
here any more, so this may be off base.

I am not sure what you mean by a sounding board.  If you mean a sound
card, then you might be able to use mbrola, for which there is a beta
test speech server for emacspeak.

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		- Jim Van Zandt

>From: awesome-dave1@juno.com
>Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 21:21:46 -0700
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>	I've installed emacs with slackware 3.6 running kernel 2.2.7. I'm about
>to have to give up my wonderful terminal. I need to install emacspeak,
>which I'm not at all acquainted with. When I run emacs, this is my first
>problem, I'm given the following message, note, this is from a typescript
>Script started on Fri Nov 26 02:52:05 1999
>dave:~# emacs
>Warning: arch-dependent data dir
>(/usr/libexec/emacs/20.3/i586-slackware-linux/) does not exist.
>Warning: Lisp directory `/usr/share/emacs/20.3/site-lisp' does not exist.
>Warning: Lisp directory `/usr/share/emacs/20.3/leim' does not exist.
>	Is this something to worry about, since emacs runs?
>	Second question involves emacspeak. This particular machine has a
>sounding board in it. Is there a driver for it? I haven't found any. Is
>there a way to make one? Or, is there someone who could help me develop
>one? My other option is software sppeech, mbrolla or festival, this
>system is a p75, with 32 mb of ram, a 1 gb hd, and 100 mb of swap.
>	Suggestions welcome.

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