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Folding Mode

I've just started using folding mode under emacspeak - its really
useful and has made a lot of things easier - its fantastic for working
with source code etc. However, I've had a few minor problems with it
getting a little confused at times. For example, a couple of times
font-lock mode has gotten confused, it things all my code is just one
big comment block. The only way I've found to fix this is to re-start
emacs. I also had to change the key mappings as folding mode redefined
C-e, C-f and C-b, which caused problems with trying to access
emacspeak commands and stopped emacspeak from speaking characters
etc. This was no problem though once I remapped the keys. 

I'm mainly using folding mode in conjunction with jde 2.1.5 under
emacspeak 10.0. The version of folding mode I'm running is 2.57. Emacs
is version 20.3. I wanted to find out if this is the same version of
folding mode others are running and if so, if anyone has experienced
the same problems. If its not the same version or if anyone knows of a
better version which works well with emacspeak, jde etc, I'd also like
to know. 


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