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byte compiling

I do not recommend this method of compiling --
it will introduce inadvertant dependencies between the .el
files as they are compiled with  resulting bugs that might
prove hard to locate.
The current build technique builds each .el file in a clean

>>>>> "James" == James R Van Zandt <jrv@vanzandt.mv.com> writes:

    James> Dr. Raman -

    James> Your Makefile runs Emacs separately to byte
    James> compile each elisp file.  I have found that
    James> several other Debian packages use a different
    James> method of byte-compiling Emacs add-ons: They run
    James> Emacs once and byte compile all the files.  I
    James> have adapted the latter method to Emacspeak,
    James> using approximately the following commands:

    James> FLAGS="-q -batch -l path.el -l
    James> emacspeak-load-path.el -f batch-byte-compile"
    James> FILES=`echo *.el` cat << EOF > path.el (setq
    James> load-path (cons "." load-path)
    James> byte-compile-warnings nil) EOF emacs ${FLAGS}
    James> ${FILES}

    James> This appears to offer several advantages: It runs
    James> in about half the time.  It generates about one
    James> third of the output.  It does not generate
    James> warnings about symbols not known to be defined.

    James> Is there some disadvantage to byte compiling this
    James> way?  Otherwise, you might consider setting the
    James> Makefile up this way.

    James> For reference, I believe these are the relevant
    James> lines from the Makefile:

    James> BATCH = -batch -q -no-site-file COMPILE = -eval
    James> "(setq byte-compile-dynamic t)" -f
    James> batch-byte-compile

    James> %.elc: %.el $(EMACS) $(BATCH) -l
    James> $(CWD)/emacspeak-load-path $(COMPILE) $(CWD)/$<

    James> 			   - Jim Van Zandt

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