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Laptop sound driver action needed...

This may not be *completely* on-topic, but if you have recently bought, or
plan to buy a high-performance laptop in the near future and want to run
linux on it, there is something which you need to be aware of...

Many vendors of such laptops are now opting to use the Neomagic AV 256
graphics/sound chip set for the video and sound (and if you check out the
specs on the chip, you'll understand why).  There are linux drivers
available for the display, but the company won't release the necessary data
so that a driver for the sound portion of the chip can be written, but you
may be able to help (even if it isn't sincere<grin>)...

I have written a couple of messages to Neomagic about this and it sounds
like they may be convinced to do this if enough people bring it to their
attention that a driver for linux would be a useful thing.  Timing is
everything, and if you can, please send a message to Neomagic tech support
at: support@neomagic.com telling them that you absolutely need to be able
to use the sound portion of the chip under linux.

Maybe it will work, maybe it won't, but it is worth a try given the number
of vendors that are switching to this chip set for their performance laptops.

If you get any interesting responses, let me know off-list.



James A. Rebman

Technology - Enhanced Learning Laboratory
University of Colorado, Boulder
College of Engineering and Applied Science


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