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I'm aware that the emacspeak-startup-hook variable should be used to
add code which sets our Emacspeak preferences.  But where do I put the
code to add a hook to this variable?  If I put the add-hook function
call in my .emacs file, then it's ignored, whether I use the emacspeak
shell script or load emacspeak-setup.el from my .emacs file.  I have
tried putting the add-hook function call both before and after the
code that loads emacspeak-setup.el, and it doesn't make any
difference.  Do I need to put the code in emacspeak-setup.el?  If not,
what am I doing wrong and what should I do instead?  Thanks.

Matt Campbell <mattcamp@feist.com>
Web site:  http://www.feist.com/~mattcamp/
ICQ #:  33005941

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