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Emacspeak crashes DoubleTalk or the other way round!

Hello, Emacspeakers! Particularly the ones, who use DoubleTalk as their
speech synth.
I noticed that whenever I either open file, or exit shell, or open dired or
anything else that executes particular script, My DoubleTalk stops speaking.
The funny thing that I still can go to the top fo the buffer or the end of
it (at least that's what I think, because I can still hear the beep). The
c-e c-s does not restart DoubleTalk speech. The only thing I can do is to
turn off and on the DoubleTalk itself.
Do any of you have an idea of what might be hapening with DoubleTalk? Is
there something that DTK_server sends to the Doubletalk or something else.
Hope this is not off topic.

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