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NT emacspeak progress and request for help

I've got emacspeak mostly working on NT now. Boy getting synchronized tones 
and multiple voices to work is really tricky with MS SAPI! I've currently 
got 4 voices working. They are: paul, paul-monotone, betty, and 
paul-animated. At least that is what I call them. They are probably nothing 
like the real voices.

That is where I need some help from some of you who have used the real 
thing. I have put a wave audio file up on the web so that you can listen to 
how my implementation currently sounds. If some of you will listen to it 
and give me feedback on how it sounds compared to the system you currently 
use, that would be a big help. The wave file is at


It is big!

The audio was recorded on my PC using the MS tool "Sound Recorder". The 
audio is 60 seconds long. I started the recorder slightly late, so it 
begins partially into the welcome message. Then I open my dot emacs file 
and have it read the first few lines. I switch lines a couple of times so I 
can pack in some more variety and show that it properly stops when I type. 
The relevant lines of my dot emacs file are after this message.

If it would be better to have emacspeak read something specific, I'll be 
happy to record it. It isn't hard at all.


;; setup info
(setq Info-default-directory-list
       '("c:/usr/info" "c:/usr/local/info" 
"c:/usr/local/emacs/site-lisp/info" "c:/usr/local/emacs/info"))

;; For the interactive shell
(setq explicit-shell-file-name "c:/usr/bin/bash")

;; For subprocesses invoked via the shell (e.g., "shell -c command")
(setq shell-file-name "bash")

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