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keynote speech server for emacspeak


sorry bout the cross posting, but i thought some people on blinux may
be interested and not subscribed to the emacspeak list.

I have finally been inspired to write an emacspeak speech server for
the keynote gold sa.

The motivation came in the form of my dectalk express dieing.  left
with nothing but mbrola as a synth and my old keynote sa sitting in my
draw, it was time to stop talking about it and actually write a speech

Having done that I am in search of beta testers.

the only thing left on the list of things to do is to correctly
implement tones and fine tune the voice settings.

I've removed all the bugs i can find but thought i'd better get someone else to test it before encorperating it into jim's emacspeak-ss package.

anyway if your interested in giving it a go, drop me an email and i'll send you a copy.


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