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New W3 RPM's

Yesterday I uploaded new Red Hat packages for W3, the Web browser for
Emacs.  There are two binary packages.  The w3 package contains the
official distribution (with some patches applied to fix bugs), and the
w3-contrib package contains user-contributed add-ons for W3.  Both of
these are created from a single source package.

Here are the addresses of the packages:

Binaries: http://www.feist.com/~mattcamp/w3-4.0pre.44-1.noarch.rpm
Source:   http://www.feist.com/~mattcamp/w3-4.0pre.44-1.src.rpm

The w3-contrib package contains one extension (w3-detabulate) which I
wrote and added to the RPM but which is not in the tar.gz file on the
W3 FTP site (at least not yet).  Before installing the RPM's, you will
need to uninstall W3, which involves not only removing all of the
lisp, info, and other files from your system, but also removing any
code that loads W3, w3-imenu, or w3-detabulate into Emacs when you
start it.  When you install the RPM's, the appropriate lines will be
added to your /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/site-start.el file to load W3
(actually the w3-auto.elc file), w3-imenu, and w3-detabulate when you
start Emacs, and ifyou remove the RPM's, these lines will also be
removed if you didn't alter them. (The w3-imenu and w3-detabulate
extensions are only loaded if you install the w3-contrib package.)

In other words, if you're a new user, you have a Red Hat system, and
you want to install W3 for the first time, install these packages and
you'll be ready to go.  If you already have W3 installed and don't
know how to undo your current installation, it's probably better to
leave it alone.

I hope these RPM's are helpful.  In the future I will probably do
somethign similar for VM as well (even making it work out of the box
in Emacs 20.3).

Matt Campbell <mattcamp@feist.com>
Web site:  http://www.feist.com/~mattcamp/
ICQ #:  33005941

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