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read-to-end key

The following comment was clearly made without reading the
online help that shows up when you ask --
by doing C-h k C-e ret 
there is also a emacspeak-speak-rest--of-buffer C-e n
--please learn to use Emacs' interactive facilities for
discovering commands.
For instance you could have done M-x emacspeak-speak-rest
--and hit tab 
--you could of course hit tab at each point in the above,
hit C-o to switch to the list of completions and move 
through  the list. Of course, 
throwing up ones hands and saying "there is no
or "someone tell me the answer" is always easier:-)

 control e RETURN  runs the command emacspeak-speak-continuously
   which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `emacspeak-speak'.

Speak a buffer continuously.
First prompts using the minibuffer for the kind of action to perform after
speaking each chunk.
E.G.  speak a line at a time etc.
Speaking commences at current buffer position.
Pressing  C-g breaks out, leaving point on last chunk that was spoken.
 Any other key continues to speak the buffer.
>>>>> ""Jacob" == "Jacob Schmude <Jacob Schmude" <jacobs@ncinter.net> writes:

    "Jacob> Hello Is there a read-to-end key in emacspeak?
    "Jacob> C-e, ret seems to be called `continuous read'
    "Jacob> but it says to push space to execute that
    "Jacob> command again. I don't consider that a
    "Jacob> continuous read.

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