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getting speech feedback as you boot/reboot

I set up the init scripts on my redhat box to talk as the
system is being brought up (or down).

I'm attaching a tar file to this message so it goes into the
archives --please note that this is still experimental
--though stable.  However you should install these scripts
only if you know what you're doing.

In the very minimum, please make sure to backup the five
files that this tar archive creates *before*
you install this update.
The tar archive is set up to be unpacked in the /etc/rc.d

Short description.

How it works:

Module speak (init.d/speak)
provides a simple speak function that can be customized for
a particular synth --currently customized by editting it by

Module init.d/functions is updated to load module speak and
function speak is then use in in all functions that display
status messages as the system is being brought up (or down).
In the standard Redhat setup, all daemons and services go
through module init.d/functions-- so this means that
everyone talks.

Here is the list of files in this tar archive along with a
short comment on each:

#this is file /etc/rc.d/rc --it is set up to speak 
as the system runlevel is changed.

rc.local# this is /etc/rc.d/rc.local --it plays a sound file when
the system is up.

#this is /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions
#it has been updated to:
a) check for file init.d/speak
and if it exists source it.
all functions in init.d/functions that display status
messages have been updated to call speak if available.

#this file provides a speak fucntion.
#it also  isolates synthesizer dependencies 
#it is setup for a dectalk which is what I have,
#but can be set up for other synths.

#speak as the system is halted or rebooted.

tar archive containing updated init scripts.

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