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New user re mbrola

Jean Jordaan writes:
*snip* > Hi all
 > PS I'm also going to try mbrola with emacspeak again (bart -- any 
 > newer drivers?), as well as screader with festival. Festival 
 > segfaults at the moment. I installed mbrola, screader and festival 
 > from RPMs on October 1998 CD's of the blinux archive. 
yes, but it's only for the brave :)
more because I haven't packaged it properly yet.  there seemed to be little interest so i didn't bother.

features include stability :)

the things still missing are a good stop function.  this is a problem if youve sent a large chunk of text to the synth.

I'll try and package in the next couple of weeks into debian if people
are interested.  someone else will have to do rpms.

I've got a tarball at the moment, and have had mixed responses.  if
anyone wants it and wants to pick bugs in the install they are more
than welcome.


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