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line echo and auto-fill-mode

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg E Priest-Dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:

    Greg> When taking notes or typing email I like working
    Greg> with word and character echo off and line echo on.
    Greg> However, if auto fill mode is on I then only hear
    Greg> the last peice of the line read (the part that is
    Greg> the current line) and I do not hear those parts of
This sounds as it should be 
--line echo speaks the line that you moved off of.
Anyway, it's another of those things where the classic 
MS style tech support answer is the most coegent
 --if it does that "dont do that".
    Greg> the line that emacs wrapped.

    Greg> What I would like to happen is that as emacs wraps
    Greg> the line it should speak the line (if line echo is
    Greg> on in auto-fill-mode).

    Greg> Before I go and reinvent the wheel, is there a
    Greg> simple way to do this or is this already possible
    Greg> in emacspeak?

    Greg> Thanks,

    Greg> Greg

    Greg> -- Greg Priest-Dorman priestdo@cs.vassar.edu NO

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