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Dismal Spreadsheet as RPM package.

To read info files not directly listed in the top-level info
menu in emacs, 
type C-u C-h i and specify the pathname to the info file in emacs.
>>>>> "hzo" == hzo  <hzo@goldfish.cube.net> writes:

    hzo> To make installation of Emacspeak user environment
    hzo> more comfortable, it is planned to provide all
    hzo> applications running under Emacspeak as RPM
    hzo> packages.

    hzo> The first package released is Dismal-1.4. Dismal
    hzo> provides a spread sheet under Emacspeak. (Dismal is
    hzo> the shortcut for DIS' Mode Ain't Lotus)
    hzo> You can download the Dismal package as
    hzo> http://leb.net/pub/blinux/emacspeak/blinux/dismal.README
    hzo> http://leb.net/pub/blinux/emacspeak/blinux/dismal-1.4-2blnx1.i386.rpm
    hzo> http://leb.net/pub/blinux/emacspeak/blinux/dismal-1.4-2blnx1.src.rpm

    hzo> Dismal mode is started under Emacspeak by entering
    hzo> M-x load-library dismal-prepare M-x dismal-mode

    hzo> Dismal files and documentation are available under
    hzo> /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/dismal/ All dismal
    hzo> commands can be found on the reference card
    hzo> /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/dismal/REFCARD

    hzo> Browsing the Dismal info files: Go into the Dismal
    hzo> directory /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/dismal and
    hzo> type 'info -f dismal'

    hzo> Enjoy!  Hans

    hzo> -- blinux == http://www.leb.net/blinux/ ios++ ==
    hzo> http://www.leb.net/hzo/ioscount/

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