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Accent S A inserts pauses when reading lines

I've been able to at least bring up the info system using ctrl +h +I and
then accessing the emacspeak online manuals.
However once the initial page/screen appears, I can't seem to figure out how
to navigate around. I've tried using the tab key, pressing enter on
"introduction" and I'm prompted for a file name? not sure.

When I toggle pause = ctrl E d space I set it to pause on clause.  However
after refreshing the screen, lines of text are still broken up.

Is there a command which can control how text should be spoken?  I suspect
when I had someone help me get the system up and running we inadvertently
adjusted the wrong setting.  Speech output is close to unintelligible
because it's to fast and trying to change the rate has no effect.

Thanks for any suggestions...

Lui Greco
(780) 423-3519

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