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Hyperbole question

Hi list  

(This is not specifically an Emacspeak question. However, I've asked 
it on gnu.emacs.help and on infodock@beopen.com (makers of Hyperbole) 
and have received zero response. Zilch. Weird. It's as if Hyperbole 
exists in some Twilight Zone, where it's a well-established and 
widely used package, but it's no more than a tall tale in this 

I'm running GNU Emacs Version 20.3.1 and Hyperbole V4.18  

Question: Unfortunately, I've been unsuccessful in getting Hyperbole
    to run properly. T.V.Raman's recommendation in the README has
    kept me trying. At the moment, my problem is simply this:  

    When not in button context, using the Action Key (properly)
    echoes "No action defined ..." 

    ** When in button context, the Action Key echoes "Wrong type 
    ** argument: listp, -130507752" 

The number varies each time I restart Emacs. I exited, and now I get 
-132108628. In short, the Action Key doesn't work. Trying it on an 
Emacs running on Win95 (same version numbers as above) gets me the 
message: "Wrong type argument: listp, "(hbut-act): No current button 
to activate.""

Also, after some amount of clicking about (following the Demo) Emacs 
has upon occasion just vanished as if it was being killed. I then 
removed Hyperbole from my .emacs for the time being.  

Any help or pointers or RTFM with directions would be sorely 


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