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Re: the BBC has moved

"Ann K. Parsons" <akp@eznet.net> writes:

> Raman, I have a question.  I placed the URL you gave in the proper file.
> Now, when I try to access the BBC, I can not get it to play.  I am using
> the old version of Real player as I do not know how to operate the newer
> one through X-windows.  Can you please tell me how you operate your real
> player and which version it is?  If it's the one that works through
> X-Windows, how do you access it?  I love the BBC, and I am just so
> disappointed that I can't get it any longer.  What do you recommend?
> If you give me technical advice, I can find help to fix this.  Thanks a
> million.  I have heard that you can operate X-Windows somehow with
> scripts but I don't know anything about it.  If you can not tell me, can
> you point me to some documentation that will help?  Thanks in advance.

A friend of mine headed up the video division at Real for a long time and
asked me several times about releasing their RTSP code for general use.
Did this ever happen?  If so, it would probably be feasible to write a
tty version of RealPlayer, and just have it use the codecs from the
RealPlayer distribution.

I've actually wanted to do something like that for a while.  The beta
RealPlayer for linux REALLY sucks right now.

-Bill P.

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