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the BBC has moved

Anne --
I'm surprized the old realplayer doesn't play the BBC url I

I switched to using the G2 player a while ago -and that guy
does insist on having X around.

All I do is run X in a separate virtual console --
I then have a small rap shell script appended below that
launches realplay --the G2 player.

Here is what you do:

1) On your Linux box, hit alt-F6 
--this gets you to virtual console 6

2) Login at that console and type xinit 
at the prompt 
--this starts a minimal X session --leave this guy running
3) Now switch back t the virtual console where you are
running emacspeak --assuming this is virtual console 1 you
now hit 
Now forget all about X --here is the simple rap script I use
export DISPLAY
echo "Playing $1"
  $RAP $1  > /dev/null 2>&1

>>>>> "Ann" == Ann K Parsons <akp@eznet.net> writes:

    Ann> Hi all, Raman, I have a question.  I placed the URL
    Ann> you gave in the proper file.  Now, when I try to
    Ann> access the BBC, I can not get it to play.  I am
    Ann> using the old version of Real player as I do not
    Ann> know how to operate the newer one through
    Ann> X-windows.  Can you please tell me how you operate
    Ann> your real player and which version it is?  If it's
    Ann> the one that works through X-Windows, how do you
    Ann> access it?  I love the BBC, and I am just so
    Ann> disappointed that I can't get it any longer.  What
    Ann> do you recommend?

    Ann> If you give me technical advice, I can find help to
    Ann> fix this.  Thanks a million.  I have heard that you
    Ann> can operate X-Windows somehow with scripts but I
    Ann> don't know anything about it.  If you can not tell
    Ann> me, can you point me to some documentation that
    Ann> will help?  Thanks in advance.

    Ann> Ann P.

    Ann> -- Ann K. Parsons: email: akp@eznet.net ALTERNATE
    Ann> WEB SITE: http://home.eznet.net/~akp "All that is
    Ann> gold does not glitter.  Not all those who wander
    Ann> are lost."  JRRT

Best Regards,

Email:  raman@cs.cornell.edu
WWW:    http://cs.cornell.edu/home/raman/             
PGP:    http://cs.cornell.edu/home/raman/raman.asc 

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