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Re: realaudio - clarifying things

> Interesting --cnn --both CNN headline news as wel as CNN the
> main news channel both apear to play with no trouble 
> --at least when you invoke realplay directly.
> One final note: to get realplay to work one needs to
> register --and this can only be done with the GUI.
> However you can have someone register it, and copy the
> entries to the .RA* mumble files and it works.

I deleted and reconfigured my .mailcap and .mime.types files (via
Netscape/Preferences)  and now CNN videos can be played, but
occasionally  the realplayer G2 just quits.   In any case 
there is progress and I don't have to reboot into NT to watch the
Mars lander. As for emacspeak in Xemacs -- I leave this for the
Meinhard E. Mayer, Research Professor of Physics and Mathematics 
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Frederick Reines Hall
U. C., Irvine CA 92697-4575

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