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novice demonstrates EmacSpeak

I presently am fortunate to have a laptop with EmacSpeak on loan from
Pennsylvania's Tech Act project.  Just before the holidays, I demonstrated
this to a friend while a recorder was running.  Doug later encoded this with
real audio (G2) so others might hear it.

Please note that I have not yet used this with a modem or network connection
and have little more than browsed through the help files and other

This laptop was set up by Victor Tsaran with sponsorship of Pennsylvania's
Initiative on Assistive Technology.  It is hoped that tutorials and other
materials can be prepared to assist others interested in starting out with

Perhaps someone on this list will be inspired to work on such a project.

The real audio is at http://www.vipace.org/audio/emacs.ram

Please note that   this demo was unrehersed, unscripted and was not edited
after recording. 

- Mark Senk

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