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"process speaker not running"


I've just downloaded and installed the following:
mbrola_server and mbrola voices
festival, including the festlex and festvox packages

All of these were installed from rpms.

Festival works fine both in tts mode and interactively, using the mbrola

However, when I run emacspeak, it gets to a point where I get an error
message saying "process speaker not running" and then hangs. (It really
hangs - hitting meta-x just produces a beep as does selecting anything from
the menus. I have to kill the process to get out.)

I've tried setting the dtk-program default to "outloud", using the
DTK-PROGRAM environment variable, and seveal other guesses, but nothing
works. I get the same error message trying to use mbrola.

Outloud works fine when I run "tcl
/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/outloud" - at least I get a voice
saying something like "Via Voice by IBM, welcome to eMAKspeak."

It seems I am missing something vital in the installation or setup, but I
have followed the instructions. For the record, I have an ESS Solo 1 sound
card, running under RedHat 6.1. To be honest, I'm not sure which sound
driver module I have as I've only just installed 6.1 and it autodetected and
configures the sound setup. Every other program that uses sound works fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

BTW - I am *really* looking forward to using emacspeak.

Thanks in advance,

Stuart Allie

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