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some words on emacspeak (clarification)

Hi Emacspeak users,

as it seems, I was not very precise when I asked you to
contribute to some kind of "Voices about Emacspeak" effort,
I want to clarify what the goal of this shall be and
what you could send me as your contribution.  

So here we go:
I want to build up some public front end for Emacspeak (so to say).
Other potential Emacspeak users or deciders whether to use Emacspeak
shall get a grip on Emacspeak. I don't want to build up some kind of
cheer-leading page which hypes Emacspeak without presenting the whole
picture. I want to present Emacspeak in a way how it is. And the thoughts
of those using Emacspeak shall be presented too. It doesn't matter whether
they speak for or against Emacspeak. 

So I simply want you to tell me your thoughts when you think about
Emacspeak. Points to tell me could be:

+ what you used before using E.
+ how you found out about E.
+ how you began using E.
+ do you use E. as your main interface or as one among others.
+ does E influence your work and your relation with your computer.
+ what you like about E, what you hate about it.
+ what you would think should be changed/improved/added/removed.
+ you may add some words about your professional relation to computing
(but you don't have to).
+ anything else about E. not covered in these examples here :)

These points above are only ideas what about what you could write me.
Don't see this as a point and click list which should be answered all.
Every contribution, even the shortest will be honored.

I'll present your contribution with/without full name/initials/no name at
all as you advise me to handle it. If you don't say anything special,
I'll post your contribution with name. 

I'm not sure whether I should include email addresses because you might 
become the target of spammers or "can you help me" hit and run action.

blinux == http://www.leb.net/blinux/
ios++  == http://www.leb.net/hzo/ioscount/

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