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Emacspeak and Debian 2.2

In version 2.2 of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (which has not yet
been released), there is no working tclx package.  This makes it
harder to install Emacspeak, since Emacspeak has to have tclx to run.
So, I have created a Debian package of tclx version 8.0.4.  You can
get it at:


I'm not yet an official Debian developer, so this package isn't
included in the Debian distribution, but I decided to make it
available for anyone who may be having trouble getting Emacspeak to
run under this version of Debian.

Matt Campbell <mattcamp@crosswinds.net>
Web site:  http://www.crosswinds.net/~mattcamp/
ICQ #:  33005941

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