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Re: Installing emacspeak 12.0

Angus -

In a Debian-based distribution, you should install either from the
source distribution or a .deb file.  I'll be preparing a .deb file
for emacspeak 12.0 shortly.

			- Jim Van Zandt

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>I downloaded EmacSpeak version 12. I got the "rpm" file,
>(emacspeak-12.0-1.noarch.rpm), on one floppy and the tgz.file,
>(emacspeak-12.0.tar..tgz), on another disk. I have been doing a little
>reading from doccs obtained from the Linuxx Documentation project. Most
>of that knowledge is pretty fuzzy since I have been building web sites
>lately. I would like to get some instructions that would allow me to do
>a blind install and complete due to a neurological condition that makes
>me unable to type well. I have Corel Linux, (Debian kernel), that uses
>lilo to give me several choices at bootup. I would use my keyboard,
>however, I do not think it would be recognized until the full bootup is
>completed. Until then i will be useing the laptop keyboard. I have a
>DECTalk express and several years of Windows knowledge.
>The Super Duper Guide Dog Dabney and
>Angus D.F. MacKinnon, (Chapter President)
>Foundation Fighting Blindness - Canada
>E-Mail: mailto:dabneyadfm@home.com
>Web Page: http://members.home.net/dabneyadfm
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