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Re: RPM package of Emacspeak12.0

Raman wrote:
>I do not know the purpose of that emacspeka.conf file --
>first off is it necessary?

No, it isn't necessary, but it is helpful, especially for new users.  I will
repeat the explanation of emacspeakconfig and the emacspeak.conf file, which
I sent to you privately back in November, just before the release of
Emacspeak 11.0.

(begin quote)

First, you asked about the /etc/emacspeak.conf file that I mentioend
in my last message.  This is just a piece of shell code that sets the
created by Jim Van Zandt's emacspeakconfig utility.  When you run
emacspeakconfig, it presents a menu of available synthesizers.  It
gets the list of synthesizers from a collection of "blurb" files in
/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak, which Jim has created.  For
example, the decexp.blurb file reads as follows:

blurb: DECtalk Express
program: dtk-exp
tcl: tcl
device: DECtalk Express

The emacspeak packages that Jim and I have created include blurb files
for the DECtalk Express, DECtalk MultiVOice, and DECtalk 3.  Jim's
emacspeak-ss package also includes blurb files for all of the
synthesizers that it supports.

After the user has selected a synthesizer, they can enter a port or
accept the default (/dev/ttyS0).  Then, it tells the user what group
owns the port.  If the group is root, the user is told to change the
it and try again.  Otherwise, the program provides a convenient way to
add and remove users from the group, and ensures that the group has
full access to the port.

So, while you may not want to include it in your distribution, since
it assumes that the config file is in /etc; I think it's a useful
utility and I would like to keep including it in my RPM, even if I
have to patch the shell script to do it.  If I remove emacspeakconfig
from my RPM, then people who have used it will have to re-do their
synthesizer configuration by setting the variables manually (in their
profile, for example).  If I include emacspeakconfig, then they can
use it if they want to, or do the configuration manually.

(end quote)

>I refuse to allow the system to accumulate cruft --I did
>allow this once and we're still paying the price in the
>and other pieces.

In light of the explanation above, I don't think the emacspeak.conf file is

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