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Re: My first glitch ...

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the kind offer; I felt this was an emacspeak-w3 issue rather
than a DocBook issue, which is why I asked here --- since I don't use
emacspeak myself, I don't know if this is a common problem which is
easily solved with a w3 stylesheet change, or if I should just put
a wrapper around (element keysym) to ignore it.

I'm wont to ignore it as delineating it in some way gives the speech
software a clear division between a confusing sequence and the fact
that these are stand-alone tokens.  I tried removing the keysym tags
and the document reads more smoothly, but loses some meaning in some
parts.  The semantic tags serve a purpose and my preference is to have
that purpose served to the listener.

As it turns out, it is apparently a w3 stylesheet issue.  Someone
recommended I upgrade my w3 to pre46 --- I will give that a go.

Thanks again

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