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Re: Emacspeak on Win32

There was some work along these lines described on this mailing list last
year. However, my advice would be to obtain an additional hard disk, or a
larger hard disk, install one of the free Unix-like operating systems on
it, and access files on the Windows partition from the Unix system, with
Emacspeak running. I know that Linux can read from and write to Windows
file systems; I assume that FreeBSD can do so as well, but I am not sure.

Stated differently, my advice would be to use a real operating system
whenever possible. In fact, my laptop computer, which is equipped with
Emacspeak, also contains a small DOS partition which I originally planned
to use as a means of accessing legacy WordPerfect and other DOS files.
Fortunately, I have hardly ever used it, and will probably delete it one
of these days, perhaps after converting those legacy files that I want to
keep into another, non-proprietary format.

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