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Re: emacspeak 12 on slackware 7?

I think the best solution would be to download the Emacspeak 12.0 source
distribution and attempt to compile it:
make config
make emacspeak
make install

It is important that TCLX already be available on your system; your Linux
distribution probably includes it as an optional package.

So far, no one has mentioned any Slackware Emacspeak package, which is not
to say that none exists, but only that it is unlikely to have been
developed, as Emacspeak users are very forthcoming in announcing any
packages, speech servers or other Emacspeak-related materials that they
have created. There is a community of highly intelligent and well informed
Emacspeak users on this list.

If you have any problems with the installation procedure, we can discuss
the details further via the list.

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