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emacspeak-12.0 and slakware

Here are a few comments on installing emacspeak-12.0
using slakware 7.0.

1.  The structure of the files in emacspeak-12.0 is different
from earlier versions, in that there are more subdirectories.
For instance, the subdirectory `lisp' contains the important file
The Big Boss's instructions in the Makefile are therefore a bit confusing.
It says there that we should add a line in our .emacs file
that loads the file `emacspeak_dir/emacspeak-setup.el', where
the directory emacspeak_dir is the directory where the Makefil resides.
Unfortunately the file emacspeak-setup.el is not in that top directory.
There are two options I found that work:
(a)  just put the command `emacspeak' in your .profile file.
(b) load the file `/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el'
in your .emacs file.

2.  I am using an accent speech synthesizer, and
I couldn't get emacspeak-12.0 to work originally.
I discovered that the speech server files are again no longer
in the top directory of the emacspeak-12.0, but rather are in a subdirectory 
called `servers'.
My solution was to copy my accent speech server file to the directory

Everything worked fine then.
I  imagine that the same trick would be required for the other alternative servers, e.g.,
apolo, braille and speak, etc.

Incidentally, I did not have the difficulties in installing emacspeak-12.0
mentioned by Dave in an earlier email.  A few places during installation I got
a message saying that certain "functions" were not known to be defined, but no missing files
or directories.

Good luck!


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