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Re: Corel Linux CD

>  /etc/suid.conf is an important pre-existing file on your system.  Do
> not replace it, instead edit it to put that line in.  It does not
> matter where in that file the line goes.
> /etc/suid.conf is the configuration file for suidmanager (suid = set
> user ID).  suidmanager is a Debian defensive security precaution
> utility that periodically sweeps your system and resets any dangerous
> file access permissions to their default status.
>  In this particular case, you are making /dev/ttyS0 to be world
> readable and writable.  It defaults to being only accessible by root.
>  If you do not tell suidmanager what defaults you want it to be (by
> inserting them in /etc/suid.conf), suidmanager will reset them.

How could I edit the "/etc/suid.conf" to enter "user /dev/ttyS0 root
root 0666" so I do not mess up this important file? I probably being
doing this myself and have no useable sight left.

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