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[Linux.com Newsletter: SGML Tools]

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Dear Reader,

Documentation is an important part of any Open Source project.  
Take time to read the SGMLTools tutorial and learn how to 
give back to the projects that have helped revolutionize the 
software industry.

Also, still using Windows?  You're not alone, check out our 
browser signature statistics.

Chris Coleman
Open Source Editor


Managing Documents With SGMLtools
Learn how to contribute to documentation projects using 
SGML and LinuxDoc. 



Contagion: Why Our Dependency on Microsoft Makes Us Susceptible

The Internet has become a convenient source to blame for a 
virus outbreak. But that's like blaming the air we breathe 
when we catch a cold. Spafford argues that our reliance on a 
software "monoculture," defined by Microsoft, is what makes
us vulnerable, making it easy for a single type of virus to 
be so effective. 



Windows by Day, Linux by Night 

Whatever the reason, a great many Linux and UNIX users spend 
a lot more time working with Windows than they might like, or 
like to admit. Tim O'Reilly invites you learn the things that 
Microsoft doesn't tell you...and maybe win a free book.


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