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cognitive disability

Hi to introduce myself:

I am a teacher of adults with cognitve disability.
Very few have reading skills and therefore they have difficulty browsing the
We have a web site at http://www.signbrowser.org.uk to. help browsing

RPMs are great but could I please ask that you all take great care to try to
ensure that people can access these tools, plain english is really needed
because users are not programmers and probably not linux buffs.

Perhaps a sentence or two like:

You will first need to install a speech synthesiser to speak the text.
emacspeak, does not generate speech it converts the text ... well what does
it do, I do not know.

The IBM speech synthesiser comes with a non-gnu license
gnu license products are.... but....(brief review)

thanks, I look forward to using emacspeak

jonathan chetwynd
special needs teacher
web accessibility consultant

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